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Chinese language can adapt you living in China

Chinese language can bring foreigners what? Before most of foreign buddies learn Chinese language they will ask. In fact, lots of expat students just interested with Chinese language, nothing more. If make them to apply some Chinese language classes, they might be say no, because they don't even know to learn Chinese language for what and bring them what. This response is half of right and half of wrong. It first pays attention on personal needs. If Chinese language has no relation with someone's development, you can choose your determind. If you put Chinese language in pragmatic, not only for interested thing, it could be wonderfully change your life, there is an example which a expat student learning from MandarinGarden to demonstrate that Chinese language can help you quite a lot, look as follow:

As Shanghai is flat it is wonderful to ride bicycles everywhere. Traffic is heavy but nowhere near as bad as Beijing or New York. Still the custom of riding bikes is alive and well. The first time I came Shanghai I didn’t understand why everyone was yelling at me as I peacefully walked down the side walk. To combat the dangers of riding a bike in traffic, the government has put the bicycle paths and for that matter the small electric motorbike ways in the middle of the side walk.

It is marked with red bricks. Most of the time the bikes avoid it because it is not smooth to ride on or walk on but if the side walk is full , the bikes feel the little brick road is theirs. You had better not walk there as you are asking for trouble. If you forget and hear a horn or someone shouting, it most likely is because you are walking on the little brick road on the side walk!!

Now you have already seen, after this foreiger learned Chinese language at MandarinGarden, he has really integrated in Shanghai's life, it's hard to imagine that a foreigner without Chinese language to keep alive in Shanghai. From above passage, we can also watch out the point which Chinese language can facilitate to recognize local custom. In short, choose to learn Chinese language will be equal with you to choose better life in everywhere of China.

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