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How to learn Chinese? To try Chinese diary writing

How to learn Chinese in Shanghai? It through the phenomenon which majority of Shanghai expat students are busy with Chinese learning in mandarin school, and the pleasure was appeared on their facial expression, can observe out they very enjoy the aura of learning Chinese. That shows a point, whatever you how to learn Chinese, the interest is very important, although one people can't learn something just for interest, it should be more put in pragmatic usage. However, the interest is as a primary origin of thirst for knowledge. Lost interest might mean that everything will be lost the motivation to learn. And it's a keypoint for how to learn Chinese well. Here is an instance can demonstrate. An excellent expat student who is learning Chinese in MandarinGarden, she insists to write Chinese diary everyday. You know not each student can keep do this. It simply because she has strong insterest for how to learn Chinese. Let's read one of her composition.


Shanghai has lots of little nooks and crannies with surprises in them. Near the school on Ding Xi road there are three horse sculpture tables surrounded by greenery. They are pieces of sculpture of horses that look like there were made to be in a park to be pick nick tables. It looks to me that it supposed to be two mares and a stallion. One is a mare standing. The top of her is leveled off to make a perfect picnic table. Children have been climbing on her so there is no greenery where the children step on to the table. The next one is a mare lying down as if she is eating the grass. This table is the most convenient. The third table is hidden under the trees and appears as it is a stallion looking out for the mares. I would never had thought to use a horse as a table but someone had a great imagination. The horses are at the entrance to a rather old housing complex on the way to Gong Shan park. They are well worth a visit.


How to learn Chinese as an issue you can find out many paths to follow it. She uses Chinese diary writing in Shanghai with her strong interest to perfect improve Chinese level, she is happy as she learns. No wonder her Chinese ability is pretty good. Therefore, if somebody ask you how to learn Chinese hereafter, you could tell them, the learning form is not most important, just put your interest and zeal on how to learn Chinese. We all believe that how to learn Chinese is no longer a puzzle.

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