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Learn to speak Chinese in daily life situations

Learn to speak Chinese, that's the truely meaning in Chinese learning, the present a part of foreigners are passive to learn Chinese. Because they don't base on the favor of China and its language, just for passing mandarin examination in order to get certificate, find a good job in China, make more money but it needs to use Chinese. After you will perceive they never learn to speak Chinese, such like some Chinese students to learn English, they have already learned Chinese for a long time, but even can't speaking, Chinese people called that they learned "dumb English". In fact, Learn to speak Chinese just is a great learning approach, it can be from during study duration to practice till being final application. Learn to speak Chinese as the highest layer of Chinese learning, you should try to learn to speak Chinese, after that you will be surprised what you have learned. The story below was caused an expat student who learn to speak Chinese from MandarinGarden, and now she could communicate in Chinese without any pressure, let's read:


A few years ago I went to a music convention in Shanghai. I took the opportunity to buy a Chinese sim card. Using a local telephone so inexpensive I can’t even remember the last time I put money on my phone. It was at least a year ago. While visiting Xin tian di. I dropped my IPhone and the glass touch screen popped out. I put it back in but to no avail; my phone had died! I went into China Movil for which I had a sim card. They were really nice and sent me over to the Apple Store to get my phone fixed. I got to Apple and they said," First of all, they didn't have the parts as my IPhone was so old and it wasn’t worth fixing even if they did have the parts." I trotted back over to China Movil and I told them my story. The two workers looked at each other and said simultaneously, "The Lenovo." I thought I misunderstood them when they told me it was 299 yuan (37 euros) for a phone that did all my e mail, photos, internet and all the new apps etc. I had been avoiding buying a phone thinking it would cost at least 300 euros to buy one to do what I needed. A telephone that could do all of that, made my day. It is a 100% Chinese and so was the price!!


Just because this student via continuing learn to speak Chinese, now she can talk with Chinese people very well and is able to completely live in China. Don't you wanna like her to speak Chinese extremely fluently? When MandarinGarden helps you to learn Chinese, you'd quickly to reach this dream.

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