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Chinese learning is from Chinese living

Chinese learning derives from class coaching, using in living application. We think of that is the principle of Chinese learning. There is a strange student where she was learning Chinese at a mandarin school called "MandarinGarden", she'd like to use Chinese knowledge she learned inside every part of her life. This is as the meaning of what the language need to be accumulated bit by bit.

Moreover, the language need to integrate with cultural environment, so does Chinese learning. But how does she do that? First, she found out an excellent teacher, as people go to other countries, unfamiliar with where they are, the value of a teacher points he/she not only may teaches you the local language and can guide you how to live overthere. Okay, cut the crap, let's read one paragraph of her Chinese learning experience.


My first experience with a card was in a taxi. My mandarin teacher took me to an electric appliance store to buy a little heater. She insisted on paying for the taxi. To my amazement, she pulled out a card. I thought it was a credit card but it wasn’t. It was a transportation card for all forms of transportation. You put money on it and use it for taxis, buses trains and all transportation. When the money is used up, you put more money on it just like a pay as you go telephone. Next time I saw this was at a little food mall next to the school. I went to order some quesadillas from a Colombian restaurant. The young man sent me to the front where I purchased a card. They put that meal on the card and I still had more money on it so I came back the next day and had my favorite south American drink called parchita. I think it is passion fruit drink in English but a special yellow one just for drinks. The card can be used at any of the little restaurants in the mall. Often the card also give you a discount. I now have a few cards from different places around Shanghai and am beginning to forget which cards goes with which restaurants or services!


This is just her Chinese learning style, I think this learning mode is "one stone two birds" method which both get Chinese learning and increase the living communication for daily life. It'll based on what she loves China and keen to Chinese life. If everyone has the determination such like her, I believe Chinese learning will be a quite easy thing that everybody can do.

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