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Chinese Language Courses for Adults either for Life and Work!

“ChineseTutoringLessons " has a variety of Chinese courses tailor-made for each adult learner at all ages, all levels, from all walks of life to meet his or her specific needs and pace of learning, either private or group, short term or long term. The range of Chinese language courses covers all daily life, study, travel & business areas and develop overall language abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can choose your preferred study schedule & course. A personalized and professional Chinese learning plan will be designed for you. No matter for what purpose are you learning Chinese, life, work, business, travel, study, we have a course to suit you! We guarantee that you can learn Chinese that is relevant to your needs! Furthermore, we can tailor our Chinese language course to meet your individual particular needs. And you can study Chinese effectively, easily, and enjoyably with a good native Chinese teacher and achieve any of your Chinese study goals quickly, from the comfort of your time and place at an affordable low cost!


Specialty & Services:

* High teaching quality

* Experienced, certified, highly qualified, patient, friendly, motivated, dedicated, professional Chinese Teacher

* Well structured, result-oriented individual study plan

* Private 1-on-1 Chinese Class (Shanghai/local in your place)

* Small Group Chinese Class (6 maximum, Shanghai/local in your place)

* Online Chinese Class (Skype, Msn, etc)

* 1-on-1 Telephone Chinese Class

* Various courses for adults (Regular, Survival, Daily, Spoken, Business, HSK, Travel, Culture, listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, Cuomized Chinese, and more)

* Diverse, interactive, creative teaching methods

* Customerized practical useful study materials

* 24 hr free Chinese language Support

* Flexible teaching schedule and place (days/ evenings/ weekdays/ weekends/ short term/ long term; home/ office/ café, etc)

* Affordable low cost


Guarantee: “Qualified, Experienced Chinese Teaching; Tailored, Flexible Chinese Study; Your Effective Chinese Learning Results, all at an affordable low cost!”



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