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Simon Rulquin:NO BRUSH solo exhibition

SIMON RULQUIN | NO BRUSH @ Philippe Staib Gallery Shanghai

Exhibition from the 31.5.14 till 13.7.14

Opening performance and artist talk 31.5.14 3pm



Simon Rulquin is with no doubt one of the most unconventional young painters of his generation. His oeuvre tries to measure the immeasurable - to capture the trace that a movement, a piece of memory or a mysterious imago may or may not has left. It is between that uncertain contingency, Rulquin reflects on the shape of reality. With that concept borne in mind, he leaves regular brushes way behind, instead, he focuses on what to recur and how to bring the “what” into being.


Rulquin's painting develops mechanically and autonomously. They depend merely on the flow of paint, liquid and gravity. The control of the outcome is absent. That is the exact recipe of the work series with Chinese ink and bubble machine. With the on-going jet-flow of ink bubbles drifting and swinging in the air, the painting is truly omnipresent as it happens. As it ends, the painting is the form of those that evolved and crashed into the hung canvas, and also those which vanished outside the framed surface. In what has taken form, which is the painting in front of you, there lies all that did not and never will take form. It all began with Rulquin's gesture, and ended by a chance as well as by fate. His work intends to put a movement into shape by contingency and random.


In Rulquin's gestures that are both so serious and so amusing, you can sense the trace of what fuelled his explorations, which are images of astronomy and games from his childhood. For this reason, in his work there is both the wizardly gesture of childhood and the solemn gesture of adulthood. And with his painterly expression, he pushes the audience to amuse themselves in real world with what he seems to do the best - expanding and observing contingency in every possible form.


After finished fine art study in Bordeaux, France, Rulquin focuses on experimentation alone and with other artists through years, such as Franz West, during which he has been learning how to push the limits of medium and technics. In Vienna, he worked with Franz West and discovered that art and life are inextricably symbiotic. Before being exhibited two times at Philippe Staib Gallery, and successfully recognized at the Shanghai and Taipei Art Fairs in 2013, his work has been presented in Europe several times since 2007. Recently settled down in Brittany, he lives and works between Vienna and Brest.


Always in quest of new forms of expression, Rulquin thereby questions and expands the process of painting itself. Inventive, playful, relentless, he redefines what painting can stand for. And it is in his work where we can observe the Polaroid capture of random and chance with surprise and amusement.



For PHILIPPE STAIB - founder of Philippe Staib Gallery in Shanghai and Taipei, “Rulquin is full of imagination and innovation. Through years, he has built up a unique and iconic approach of artistic expression with consistent artistic idea, by which he lays out a magnetic vision of objects and spaces, half seriously and half teasingly. We can always expect wonder from his work that resonates with our senses. In that extend, he corresponds exactly to the type of artists that our gallery is supporting to become a great international artist. ”


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