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Professional Chinese learning program

What makes our Chinese training program so distinguishing from others? The following features might be the answer:

* Top teaching quality:

certified teachers with great experience in this field.

* Advanced facilities:

well-equipped classrooms ensure your study environment.

* Small-class teaching:

less than 5 students, and usually around 2, in a class.

* 1-on-1 tutor:

one selected tutor for one student.

* Various selective courses:

economy lectures, Chinese cultural classes (martial arts, shadow boxing, calligraphy, etc), field trips, and a lot more.

* Personal service:

from free airport pick-up to “all-the-way” visa assistance, care on every student.

* Wonderful city:

gorgeous sceneries, high-quality life with a low living cost, historical city preserved with traditional culture.

Feel free to contact with us: chinese@mandarinmorning.com


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