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A Taste of Peace at Dragon Phoenix

 Dragon Phoenix, the Fairmont Peace Hotel's prestigious Chinese restaurant, has long been an icon of Shanghai. For decades it has been famous for serving superbly cooked regional Chinese cuisine in a stunningly appointed dining room auspiciously located on the Fairmont Peace Hotel's eighth floor. Now guests can enjoy a timeless classic of Chinese cuisine, Roast Duck, by Dragon Phoenix's very own Chef Sanji.

  A Shanghai native, Sanji is a graduate of professional culinary school. He served his country in the PLA before finally joining the kitchen team at Dragon Phoenix. Before long, he developed a fascination with Beijing Roast Duck and meticulously studied various techniques to improve the famed delicacy. Eventually he developed his own unique way to make this dish incorporating time-honored techniques from both Beijing and Guangdong, two places that are renowned in China for their roast duck.

  But for Chef Sanji, roast duck is more than a dish; it's a dining experience. In addition to his unique and innovative preparation techniques he has come up with a spectacular show for slicing and presenting the duck. Using a razor sharp cleaver, he slices the rich, crispy skin off the duck in swift, graceful and dramatic movements inspired by the ancient art of Kung Fu. He turns the presentation into an immensely fun entertaining tableside show.

  Moreover, his enthusiasm for his craft is infectious. He loves to interact with guests and is ready to share his knowledge of Chinese cookery. He is also committed to providing guests with a unique dining experience. He has created his own Wechat account to interact directly Dragon Phoenix guests. Using the popular smartphone app, you can reserve a duck directly with Chef Sanji. Tell him about your tastes and preferences and he can tailor a personalized roast duck experience just for you.

  For RMB 338*, guests can enjoy a whole Peace Roast Duck served with all of the traditional accoutrements: steamed pancakes, chopped spring onions and sweet bean sauce as well as some tasty surprises like julienned mango or hami melon. Chef Sanji will personally slice it tableside so you can savor every bit of crispy skin and tender meat. For RMB 388*, Chef Sanji will prepare it in three ways: crispy skin with steamed pancakes, wok-fried breast meat and a hearty bowl of duck soup.

  This is a limited offer with only six to eight ducks available every day. Roasting duck is a complicated process, and Chef Sanji wants to do every duck just right. So reserving at least 24 hours in advance is essential. For reservations, call 6138 6880.

*Subject to a 15% service charge.

Contact: 021-6138 6880

Web: www.fairmont.com/peacehotel

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164