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Shanghai SONY VAIO Laptop Repair, SONY VAIO Notebook repair,SONY VAIO Computer Repair

Are you looking for a fast, efficient and cost effective SONY VAIO laptop repair shop in Shanghai? Look no further. Sunny Computer Repair Company has been providing an expert SONY VAIO laptop repair service in Shanghai area. Our repair office located in Gubei district of Shanghai. In front of Carrefour GUBEI Store. Our mission is to provide professional Sunny SONY VAIO laptop repair services at reduced costs and in fast turnaround times. We offer SONY VAIO laptop repair service that suits your needs. Whether you have software or hardware problems, are looking to upgrade your system or need to recover lost data, our team is here to help. Even if you don't know exactly what the problem is with your SONY VAIO laptop, our technicians are specialize in troubleshooting and repair all SONY VAIO laptop models. Our team of SONY VAIO laptop technicians have years of experience in dealing with all possible problems with SONY VAIO laptops. It’s our service: 1 Laptop can't turn on, no power at all. 2 Laptop turns on fine, but shuts down randomly. 3 Power supply blinks, shorts when power is plugged in. 4 Forgot BIOS password. 5 Broken USB, PS2, Audio, Video Connector. 6 Laptop turns on, but screen is dim, can barely see the picture. 7 Cracked screens. 8 Cracked cases. 9 Loose or broken hinges. 10 Touch pad/ pointer can’t work. 11 Bad Bios/Battery; you have to set the date and time all the time. 12 Hard drive or CD/DVD Rom failure and upgrades. 13 Not enough memory. 14 And many other problems. We keep a vast supply of spare and replacement parts in our office. This means that in many cases we can offer a fast and effective SONY VAIO laptop repair service. From the moment we receive your faulty SONY VAIO laptop we can get started on the repair work, cutting any unnecessary waiting time for you. And because our industry certified SONY VAIO laptop repair technicians work at a component level, even the minutest problem with your laptop can be solved in our office. We don't have to send anything back to the manufacturers. You don't have to wait too long. On average we are able to repair computers within one to two working days. In certain cases, while you wait. Call Sunny Computer Repair Company on 021-62098098 to speak to one of our SONY VAIO laptop repair experts about your laptop problem and book your SONY VAIO laptop repair today. You can email us at jinyan258258@163.com or you can fill in the online quote form here. 24hr cellphone: 13917377339(James) Tel:62098098,Fax:34170875. Email:jinyan258258@163.com http://shanghai-computer-repair.com ADD: 51 Shuicheng South Rd(In front of CarreFour GUBEI Store)

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