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John H. Isacs

John Isacs is the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet, a leading gourmet digital (www.enjoygourmet.com.cn) and print media company in China. He has authored over a dozen wine and food books including the awarded ISACS Guides and other gourmet books and is a wine consultant to governments, wine regions and organizations. He also hosts wine events for leading organizations and companies throughout China. Contact John via jcolumn@enjoygourmet.com. 

Wine that makes you smell the flowers of spring

Imperceptible at first, then ever so slightly we sense the lengthening of the days and warming of the air. The nascent sensations of spring are upon us and nothing so beautifully portends spring as the scent of flowers. This can mean only one thing; its time for us to kick back and enjoy a glass or two of floral wine.

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Duo of New World reds offer comfort in the cold

As we transition from winter chills to spring warmth, our fair city still has a number of frigid nights perfect for savoring winter-friendly red wines. What makes a red wine winter friendly? An abundance of concentrated palate pleasing black and red fruit flavors is a good start, but the best winter reds also offer plenty of smooth tannins that pair beautifully with weighty winter dishes like stews and roasts.