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John H. Isacs

John Isacs is the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet, a leading gourmet digital (www.enjoygourmet.com.cn) and print media company in China. He has authored over a dozen wine and food books including the awarded ISACS Guides and other gourmet books and is a wine consultant to governments, wine regions and organizations. He also hosts wine events for leading organizations and companies throughout China. Contact John via jcolumn@enjoygourmet.com. 

California wines perfect for all-American holiday

THANKSGIVING is the quintessential American holiday. Families congregate from all over the nation — and the globe, for that matter — and a few may even have vague remembrances of the stalwart pilgrims and accommodating Native Americans. But honestly, the modern Thanksgiving holiday is all about eating. The first Thanksgiving was also remarkably food-centric.

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Meet the grape that put Aussie reds on the map

MY friends at Shanghai Daily are wonderful and talented people and they love giving me challenges. Take for example this week’s iDeal section with a featured topic of eggplant. How does one relate the eggplant to wines? Actually this isn’t the greatest challenge they’ve given me as eggplants are an exceedingly wine-friendly food and are genetically related to grapes. Technically the eggplant is a fruit, not a vegetable.