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John H. Isacs

John Isacs is the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet, a leading gourmet digital (www.enjoygourmet.com.cn) and print media company in China. He has authored over a dozen wine and food books including the awarded ISACS Guides and other gourmet books and is a wine consultant to governments, wine regions and organizations. He also hosts wine events for leading organizations and companies throughout China. Contact John via jcolumn@enjoygourmet.com. 

The dry white that divides the wine world

I was taught during my formative years that one may dislike something but never hate it. Years ago, polite society frowned upon using the word “hate” or other terms denoting extreme negative emotions. Notwithstanding my upbringing, I’m now immersed in the passionate world of wine where there’s no shortage of both love and hate. Here are some prime examples.

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Introducing Spain’s most representative red

China is associated with a plethora of images and symbols. Whether depicted in paintings, growing in gardens or wild forests or being consumed by pandas or humans, bamboo is certainly one of China’s most iconic images.