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John H. Isacs

John Isacs is the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet, a leading gourmet digital (www.enjoygourmet.com.cn) and print media company in China. He has authored over a dozen wine and food books including the awarded ISACS Guides and other gourmet books and is a wine consultant to governments, wine regions and organizations. He also hosts wine events for leading organizations and companies throughout China. Contact John via jcolumn@enjoygourmet.com. 

Rustic Rhone wines bring out best in spicy foods

TODAY’S iDEAL section delves into the fiery and delicious world of spicy Chinese cooking. Key ingredients include chili peppers, white pepper corns, Sichuan peppercorns and other palate energizing ingredients. These and additional spices are used to provide fiery sensations and enhance the flavors of classic Chinese dishes like Sichuan hotpot, sour-spicy ‘suan la’ fish and soup and pickled pepper fish head.

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