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Brian Offenther

Brian Offenther is a Shanghai-based writer on music scenes in the city. He can be reached at BrianOffenther@yahoo.com.

Film exposes oil drilling Amazon

REVIEWS of a documentary with an agenda like this one tend to beg the question: Do you agree with the main political point being made by the film? Thankfully, an answer is not required here, since "Crude" (2009) is mostly engrossing on its own merits, and seems to do a commendable job of presenting opposing views when, by today's standards of documentary features, it doesn't need to.

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Film within a film on Generation X

A sister film to the Kevin Smith-helmed "Clerks"(1994), "Living in Oblivion" looks at a gaggle of mid-1990s Generation X-ers plagued by workplace frustration, low-stakes sexual politics and their own anti-cool coolness, getting together and, you know, do stuff.