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Brian Offenther

Brian Offenther is a Shanghai-based writer on music scenes in the city. He can be reached at BrianOffenther@yahoo.com.

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‘Bitter Tea’ a sweet old film despite its flaws

THIS is a “bitter tea,” sure, but this concoction is also savory, sweet, smoky, spicy, salty and spiked with some surprising intoxicants. It’s less a sipping tea than a multi-course meal that really could use a curating chef and vomitorium. Consider this essay a brief menu listing rather than the full description it deserves.

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‘Ladder’ a rewarding, yet demanding film

“jacob’S Ladder” is in many ways exactly what it sets out to be, yet it suffers from its success.A piece of good art — whether a play, sculpture, a music album, or in this case, a movie — utilizes all it can from its form’s distinct characteristics.