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Michelle Qiao

Michelle Qiao is a columnist of Shanghai Daily. She has initiated the column "history revisited" focusing on historical buildings in the city since 2004 which was well received from the readers and ended up into the book "A Walker's Guide".  Contact her at: michelleqiao@shanghaidaily.com

Architect enlists peers to furnish new bar

​CHINESE architect Bu Bing commissioned 14 peers to help him design furniture for Gallery, a cafe and bar he opened last September. Half a year later, these architects completed their task, producing an array of chic tables, chairs, stools and food trays, all of which went on exhibit at the bar last Sunday.

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Historic roads closely linked with Normandie Apartments

THE fate of the Normandie Apartments (Wukang Building) has always been tied to Huaihai and Wukang roads.