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Michelle Qiao

Michelle Qiao is a columnist of Shanghai Daily. She has initiated the column "history revisited" focusing on historical buildings in the city since 2004 which was well received from the readers and ended up into the book "A Walker's Guide".  Contact her at: michelleqiao@shanghaidaily.com

Writer feels happiness about family’s home life

RENOWNED Chinese writer Ba Jin (1904-2005) lived half of his life in a gray-toned garden villa at 113 Wukang Road built in 1923. “That happened to be the year when Ba, then named Li Yaotang, left his family in Sichuan Province for Shanghai,” says Zhou Limin, deputy director of the Former Residence of Ba Jin and a researcher on Ba’s life and work.

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A politician’s house

A gray-walled villa opposite the Wukang Road Food Market once housed a man who had been an influential politician, a farmer and a traditional Chinese medicine promoter over an eventful life that lasted 101 years.