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Michelle Qiao

Michelle Qiao is a columnist of Shanghai Daily. She has initiated the column "history revisited" focusing on historical buildings in the city since 2004 which was well received from the readers and ended up into the book "A Walker's Guide".  Contact her at: michelleqiao@shanghaidaily.com

A little sprucing up goes a long way on Wukang Road

It was an average Monday morning on Wukang Road. A robust expatriate man was jogging along the street flanked with historical buildings. A slim Chinese woman was dropping her son off at the World Primary School, which was founded in 1936. Five young women in summer dresses in a rainbow of colors walked into a popular French bakery. Across the road, a uniformed middle-aged man was enjoying his dim sum while sitting on his old moped under the shade of a tree.

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Signal tower harks back to an era of immense change

The Gutzlaff Signal Tower is like the first note of the Bund symphony, says Tongji University Vice President Wu Jiang. “Traditionally, the Bund started from the tower, which was seen by all ships on the Huangpu River. When approaching from the south, the signal tower acts as the best starting note for the Bund symphony,” says Wu, a noted expert on the architectural history of Shanghai.