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Doug Young

Doug Young has lived and worked in China for 15 years, much of that as a journalist for Reuters. He currently lives in Shanghai where he teaches financial journalism at Fudan University. He writes daily on his blog, Young's China Business Blog (www.youngchinabiz.com).

Tomb sweeping numbers fall shows changing attitude

GRAVEYARDS in and around Shanghai are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief after the Qingming Festival, knowing they can now take a long break until they’re flooded again with the next mass migration of people honoring their ancestors.

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Color overload strikes the city as new scheme begins for traffic congestion

I’VE always thought of Shanghai as a colorful place. Now it seems our city is determined to drive home that point with yet another color scheme in a growing series designed to keep us informed on everything from the quality of the air we breathe to the storms that keep our waterways full.