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Andy Boreham

Andy Boreham comes from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, and has lived in China, off and on, for the past four years. Now he is living in Shanghai earning a master’s degree in Chinese culture and language at Fudan University.

He welcomes your feedback on all of the issues he covers — you can reach him at andy.boreham@shanghaidaily.com.

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Valentine’s Day is another nightmare in a sea of festivals

Why do I keep writing about festivals here? The answer is simple: Because they are literally the bane of my existence; I always screw them up. My constant musings about China’s penchant for festivals — and my total failure at understanding them in any functional way — are my cry for help, my pitiful attempt at finally understanding.

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Hongbao records broken, but the culture confuses

THIS Chinese New Year was a record-breaker for WeChat, with 14.2 billion — yes, BILLION — red envelopes sent on January 27, the Lunar New Year’s Eve. But I’m still utterly confused about hongbao etiquette to the point where this year I simply didn’t open a single one.