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Andy Boreham

Andy Boreham comes from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, and has lived in China, off and on, for the past four years. Now he is living in Shanghai earning a master’s degree in Chinese culture and language at Fudan University.

He welcomes your feedback on all of the issues he covers — you can reach him at andy.boreham@shanghaidaily.com.

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Spring Festival a time for family queries and hongbao

ONE of the things I hate most about Christmas — probably the closest Western equivalent to the Chinese New Year in scale — is when I’m forced to engage in smalltalk with family members I don’t know that well, like Aunty Gladys.

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That was the year that was, but there’s hope for 2017

THE general consensus among most Westerners, at least those from English-speaking countries, is that 2016 was a big, steaming pile of crap.