Fun, food and amusement at Readers’ Day

Representatives of foreign consulates and hundreds of readers joined Shanghai Daily’s first Readers’ Day event on October 13 at Kerry Parkside in the Pudong New Area.

The event kicked off at 11am under a bright blue sky.

There was a band on hand playing Western pop songs, an Israeli dance group along with traditional Chinese folk artists doing sugar painting and dough modeling. Ticket holders also received free drinks and snacks.

The highlight of the afternoon was the award ceremony for the iDEALShanghai International Children’s Painting Competition. Twenty participants won prizes.

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Photo Gallery

◎ Junior School Group  低年级组

●  Gold Award 金奖 (1名)

Mong Koo (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 10

●  Silver Award 银奖 (2名)

Tyler Liu (Concordia International School 上海协和国际学校), age 8

Emily Machan (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校)

●  Bronze Awards 铜奖 (3名)

Ashlyn Ting 丁琛倩 (Shanghai High School 上海中学), age 7

Han Gahyun 韓佳賢 (Concordia International School 上海协和国际学校), age 9

Chae-Won Lee(Jenny) (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 9

●  Nominee Award 入围奖 (4名)

Daniel Wu (Concordia International School 上海协和国际学校), age 8

Harry Song (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 10

Cate Mok (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 10

Ela Samataci (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 10

◎ Senior School Group  高年级组

●  Gold Award 金奖 (1名)

Lucas Cao 曹伦分 (包玉刚实验学校), age 15

●  Silver Award 银奖 (2名)

Angelina Lu (Shanghai High School 上海中学), age 12

Rachel Liu 刘易琳 (包玉刚实验学校), age 13

●  Bronze Awards 铜奖 (3名)

Ann Zhao 赵怡佳 (包玉刚实验学校), age 11

Daniel Park (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 12

Vicky Davis (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 14

●  Nominee Award 入围奖 (4名)

Tesse Ottens (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 14

Ryan Yu (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 13

Kyra Chen (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 14

Kelly Chan (SCIS 上海长宁国际学校), age 14