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Rockers prepare for out-of-this-world finale
By Brian Offenther

Goodnight Moon: For the second time within a month, a popular Shanghai rock band will be biting the dust and playing their final show.


Following the demise of Boys Climbing Ropes, Moon Tyrant bow out at an event dubbed "One Last Night of Loud" tomorrow at 9pm at Yuyintang (851 Kaixuan Road, by Yan'an Road W.). The cover is 40 yuan (US$6.30).


They'll be joined by heavy metal band Fearless and post-punk act Next Year's Love, two bands made up of local guys and girls who put on good shows.


Fearless has played with Moon Tyrant many times in the past and is an especially good fit, as both bands have the heavy riffs and intensity expected from quality metal bands.


Next Year's Love is an interesting choice.


In the past, they have been adept at putting on great shows with bands of a variety of styles, and this one should be no different.


Moon Tyrant formed almost three years ago, with their first practice on July 4, 2009. They played their first show about four months later.


Originally, the band played a fusion of styles, mixing elements of different genres with their base of heavy metal. "When we started out, we had no idea what we were going to sound like or do," says bassist/vocalist JC Heinbockel.


That can be heard on debut album "Future Superhuman," released in 2011. In perhaps the most notable example, "Went Down Swinging" opens with a bit of swing before morphing into something resembling a rockabilly tune.


Since then, the band has reined in their excesses a bit and focused on a pounding heavy metal style.


"We ended up with something we really liked," says Heinbockel.


This evolution should be on display tomorrow night, as the band is considering playing every song they have written.


Moon Tyrant also promises some surprise guests from the Shanghai music scene.


Getting guests should not be difficult, as Moon Tyrant has proven to be one of the most active bands in the Shanghai community, on a variety of fronts.


I last wrote about the band only a few weeks ago, when they played a cover of a Boys Climbing Ropes song that almost stole the show during that band's final gig.


Moon Tyrant vocalist Ivan Belcic and Heinbockel have been especially active. Both played in cover bands during the annual Halloween show at Yuyintang, and as part of art group Twin Horizon released a line of T-shirts promoting local bands and a city-wide compilation album of local music, "We Are Shanghai."


"I'm moving on to the next stage of my life," says Heinbockel, explaining the band's demise.



"It's kind of unexpected and faster than we all thought. But that's kind of how things work."

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