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Give rock climbing a go and reach for the summit
By Pan Zheng

 ROCK climbing is an offshoot of mountain climbing that has become popular all over the world. It originated in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s as a way for the military to train soldiers.

It became a formal sport in 1974. China jumped on the rock climbing bandwagon in the 1980s.



Artificial cliffs and walls, usually several stories high, are common in rock climbing. Climbers use their bare-hands to find a hold to grab or step on. A belay rope is used to prevent climbers from falling.

Want a great workout? Rock climbing fits the bill as it requires both mental and physical strength. You need enough courage to overcome any fear of heights, a clear mind to plan a climbing route, the muscle strength to climb up, stamina to keep going and a strong will to continue until reaching the top.



In Shanghai, there are several venues for amateurs. Take a look at this quick rundown of facilities. Beginners need to remember to do adequate warm-up exercises before starting any climb.

Hengyi Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

This venue at Hongkou Football Stadium is one of the most professional climbing venues in the city. It has a series of walls with varying degrees of difficulty. Some are used for speed climbing, some for skill competitions and others are for beginners.

Kind and patient professional coaches guide and protect climbers so safety isn’t a problem. They will also lead climbers through some warm-up exercises to prevent muscle injuries.

Members receive discounts.

Address: Stand 21 of Hongkou Football Stadium, 444 Jiangwan Rd E.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 5696-6657

Price: 60 yuan per person, 70 yuan on weekends and public holidays

Giant Rock Climbing Center

Beginners will find this facility a good introduction to the sport since its climbing walls are not so high or difficult.

Climbing walls are white with colorful holds in various shapes. The coaches are skillful and provide some useful tips.

Video game machines are provided during rest periods.

Address: 777 Deping Rd, Pudong

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 5087-1521

Price: 70 yuan per person, 30 yuan for 30 minutes

Rock Dancing Climbing Gym

As one of the earliest climbing gyms in Shanghai, Rock Dancing has both indoor and outdoor walls. All the walls have different colors to distinguish the degree of difficulty. The green wall is said to be the easiest. Professional and patient coaches will guide climbers.

The gym often holds rock climbing activities and lectures to promote the sport. It also has a venue in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province.

Address: 1F, Bldg A, 128 Huayuan Rd

Opening hours: 1pm-10pm (weekdays), 10am-10pm (weekends and public holidays)

Tel: 3636-8028

Price: 60 yuan per person, 70 yuan on weekends and public holidays




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