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Patter of tiny feet, hooves and paws at zoo
By Hu Min

SHANGHAI Zoo has witnessed a baby boom in the first half of the year, with more than 130 animals from 37 species born.



Its bouncing babies include a lion-tailed monkey, a snub-nosed monkey, a zebra, a hornbill and Burmese pythons.

This is the first time that a lion-tailed monkey and hornbill have been born at the zoo.

Born last month, the lion-tailed monkey weighed only 468 grams at birth, and was fed milk every four hours by zoo keepers.



And for the first time in the zoo’s history a newborn zebra was fed by staff as its mother was too weak to take care of it.

Born in May, female zebra called Chocolate is now chomping on grass and is smart enough to understand keepers commands, the zoo said.



Meanwhile, the zoo plans to renovate part of its space into a new park especially for Shanghai species, officials said yesterday.

Chinese water deer, a rare species in Shanghai for some 100 years, badgers and some insects indigenous to the city will find a new home in the former pets garden.

The pets area has been unused for the past two years as it has no longer in line with the zoo’s development and design, said officials.

“We hope to make visitors aware that Shanghai also boasts some of its own animal species and raise people’s awareness of animal protection,” said Tu Rongxiu, a zoo official.

Work is taking place on the design of the area, she added.



The endangered Chinese water deer is making a comeback in some suburban areas, following a breeding program starting six years ago.

Shanghai Zoo is home to more than 5,000 animals from around 450 species. This year it is celebrating its 60th anniversary.


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