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During heat of summer, nothing beats a salad
By Nie Xin

WHETHER taken as an appetizer or a healthy main course, salad is no doubt an ideal solution to beat summer heat — light, healthy and easy to make.

It’s much more than just simply combining vegetables and dressing at home or only ordering a Caesar salad in a Western restaurant — this Western-style classic dish is already a favorite among Chinese diners.

When Shanghai’s summer enters its hottest time, it’s no coincidence that kitchens in luxury five-star hotels focus on salad dishes. Their  innovative ideas, attractive layouts, and of course ingredients and flavor satisfy people and sometimes even leave them  surprised.

Shanghai Daily recommends some creative salads, bringing you some fresh, healthy and delicate delights to help lift the “dog days” of summer.

Waldorf Truffle Salad

A Waldorf salad is generally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce. More than a century old, the Waldorf salad today remains a timeless American classic.

The salad was first created between 1893 and 1896 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City, the precursor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. It’s still the most frequently requested item on the menu.

In 1896, Waldorf salad appeared in a cookbook by “Oscar of the Waldorf.” The original recipe did not contain nuts, but they had been added by the time the recipe appeared in “The Rector Cook Book” in 1928. The salad became popular enough that Cole Porter featured it in his 1934 song “You’re the Top.” The salad was also popularized by its central role in the plot of the “Waldorf Salad” episode of the British sitcom “Fawlty Towers.”

Now in Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, the authentic recipe is used with a touch of truffle to make the salad even more exclusive — green apple, celery hearts, candied walnuts and black truffle.

Price: 138 yuan+15%

Address: Grand Brasserie, 1/F, 2 Zhongshan Rd E1

Tel: 6322-9988

Japanese Salad

If you would like to find something new besides pure Western style, this combination of Western and Eastern will surprise you.

Tsubasa Japanese Restaurant in Pullman Shanghai South prepares a special Japanese salad for their guests with chicken teriyaki, avocado and leaf greens, topped with Japanese oil vinegar dressing.

Jerry Ke, the Japanese chef, has more than 10 years of cooking experience in Japan and presents the truly Japanese cuisine to guests.

The avocado has a light, smooth taste, a perfect match with the crispy chicken teriyaki and traditional sweet and salty dressing, which bring out the authentic Japanese flavor. A seasonal healthy green salad, topped also with flying fish roe, will be the best choice in hot weather.

Price: 88 yuan+15%

Address: 2/F, 1 Pubei Rd

Tel: 2426-8888 ext 69555

Nicoise Salad

With the appointment of new head chef, Italian Giuseppe Angelica, of Acqua Restaurant at Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, Acqua’s signature dish, Nicoise Salad, catches the public eye again as a summer dish with lots of fresh elements and ingredients.

The chef brings innovation to traditional dishes at this Mediterranean restaurant. After seasoning a tuna steak with black sesame seeds, he decorates the plate with yellow, orange and purple ingredients to create a charming contrast.

“I love China very much. In my six years here, I have gained a deep understanding of China’s bespoke dining culture and characteristics. I hope to inject Oriental influences into my signature and innovative Mediterranean dishes to create a unique culinary experience for our guests,” says Giuseppe.

In Nicoise Salad, the ingredients include tuna, avocado, potato, a selection of green salad leaves, anchovies, olives, a handful of green peas, egg, salt, pepper, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

The anchovies are imported from Sicily and the olives are imported from three different regions of Italy — Genoa, Rome and Puglia. Three different colors of olives help make the salad amazing.

Price: 88 yuan+15%

Address: 2/F, 1288 Lujiazuihuan Rd, Pudong

Tel: 3867-9009

House Salad

Another Mediterranean-style salad deserves the same attention. JW’s California Grill at JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Tomorrow Square rolls out a new house salad that surely tantalizes the tastebuds. The salad is a healthy Mediterranean-style diet with a light and crisp taste. It is an ideal choice for hot summer days and nights.

The house salad is a specially crafted mix of frisée lettuce, fresh radish, anchovies, roasted red bell pepper, Greek Kalamata olives with nuts and vinegar dressings. Known for its high nutritional value, frisée lettuce contains an abundant amounts of Vitamin C, which supports wound healing, skin health and the immune system.

Price: 68 yuan+15%

Address: 40/F, 399 Nanjing Rd W.

Tel: 5359-4969

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164