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Shanghai expats share parenting experiences
By Helen Shao

There are more than 170,000 foreigners living in Shanghai, mainly from Japan, South Korea, the United States and France, according to official statistics collected last December. A large number of them have children here. Recently, Shanghai Daily and Xinmin Evening News interviewed foreign mothers from five countries about their parenting experiences. Here is what they want to share with other expats.

민정혜(Min Zhen Hui), 38, Korean

in Shanghai for one year

Min Zhen Hui has a 7-year-old daughter 백소은(Bai Suo En) and a 3-year-old son 백지민(Bai Zhi Min). As a full-time housewife, Min Zhen Hui said the past 12 months has been the happiest year of her life because she is able to spend more time with her children. "Sometimes I let my sister help change my son's diapers; sometimes I let my son throw his own diapers into the trash box," she says.



Astrid Gysen, 35, Belgian

in Shanghai for two years


Astrid came to Shanghai with her husband and became a full-time housewife. She sticks to familiar foreign brands when shopping for baby products in Shanghai. "I use Pampers diapers because in Belgium this is what everyone uses," she says. "When you have a child, you often forget about your own needs. When we go on holiday, I pack a whole suitcase with baby necessities and forget my own things."




Erin Hubbard, 28, Irish

in Shanghai for one year


Erin is a full-time mother of three sons (Charli, 5; Brooks, 3; and Lincoln, 19 months). She feels exhausted from taking care of the energetic boys. But at the mention of her children, her face lights up. Erin says she follows her European habits when choosing baby products and can find the same quality of Pampers in Shanghai.



Liu Kaori, 37, Japanese

in Shanghai for four years


Kaori came from Osaka and became a housewife after marriage. She has a 7-year-old son and she used Pampers diapers because it was the brand the hospital recommended. "Soft, breathable diapers are very important for your baby in summer. The child must be adequately hydrated and should get enough sleep." 


Dina Gieka, 34, Italian

in Shanghai for four years


Dina has a 7-year-old daughter Eva and a 2-year-old son Praid. She often travels back to Europe for necessities except for diapers. "China has some excellent quality products, such as Pampers super-soft cotton diapers. They are comparable to European products in quality," she says. 


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