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Love is in the air, but so is the rain
By Ke Jiayun

YOUNG lovers should be prepared for a moist Qixi Festival this year, as Tropical Storm Nakri passes close to Shanghai over the weekend, forecasters said yesterday.


Though the storm is not expected to make landfall in Shanghai, it will likely rain on the city tonight or tomorrow morning as its outer flows reach waters on the same latitude, the weather bureau said.

This year's Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, falls tomorrow.

Unlike typhoons, Nakri has a loose structure meaning its outer flows affect a larger area, the bureau said.

The storm was reported centered about 470 kilometers southeast of Taiwan at 3pm yesterday and 790 kilometers from Shanghai at 6pm, and was moving northwestward at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

Nakri's presence will mean a rainy start to August and a drop in temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius. The highs will range from 26 to 30 degrees today and tomorrow, though the mercury should rise back into the mid-30s on Sunday, the bureau said.

Sunday and Monday will also be cloudy and some rain is expected, though the wet weather will be gone by Tuesday.

After recording the hottest July on record last year — with 25 'high temperature' days — this year saw just five days when the mercury topped 35 degrees in the month.

The hottest day last month was 36.5 degrees on July 12, compared with a record 40.6 degrees on July 26, 2013.

This year's cooler weather was caused by a combination of the plum rain season and frequent typhoons, said Fu Yi, a chief service officer at the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

But last month's temperatures were not exceptional, he said.

'In 1999, the year's one and only 'high temperature' day was recorded in September.'

One of the effects of Nakri's approach yesterday was a huge improvement in air quality.

The concentration of PM2.5 particles was less than 16 micrograms per cubic meter, far below the national limit of 75.

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