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Fast new computers and mouse — ChinaJoy a blast for gaming geeks

TENCENT’S first hardware product, the world’s fastest gaming mouse, a device that lets you customize your iPhone case and 700 computers with Intel’s most advanced chips — ChinaJoy 2014 is not only China’s biggest game fair with blockbuster titles and sexy show-girls, but a festival for the latest and coolest gadgets or “game rigs.”

Tencent, China’s No. 1 game firm and Internet giant with more than 800 mil- lion users, debuted its portable wireless router, reinforcing game speed and Internet security.

Users can turn any web-linked de- vices, such as laptops and desktops, into routers sending Wi-Fi signals for their smart phones or iPads.
The number of computer gamers has reached more than 1 billion globally, with players growing older and urg- ing advanced and professional gadgets, said Logitech.

The company, which has sold 1.5 billion mice, keyboards and headshots globally, launched its ultra-fast gaming mouse G402 during Chinajoy because it expected great potential demand from hardcore gamers and e-sports pro play- ers in China.

Logitech’s opinion and ambition was echoed by chip giant Intel, which showcased 700 computers with its most advanced i5 and i7 chips. It said it expects Chinese PC market sales will be in line with last year’s level in 2014, compared with a 9 percent drop in 2013, partially due to more demands for gamers and other users.

Local firms displayed the latest re- sults of ideas and innovation during the show.

A device by IMI allows users to put photos and game images they want on a smart phone case in minutes.

It costs about 50 yuan for customizing an iPhone 5s case, said the Guangzhou- based start-up, which test marketed the new service at the show. ChinaJoy runs through today at Shanghai New Inter- national Expo Center.

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