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Cold ice cream — the perfect tonic


With high temperatures dominating Shanghai, ice cream can become the most wanted dessert. How about having a chill in an ice cream DIY shop before enjoying your own masterpiece? Staying at home with the air conditioner isn’t the only choice for the scorching days. iDEALShanghai selects welcomed ice cream shops and “hot” ice cream DIY venues for you.



A Belgian chocolate shop founded in 1926, Godiva has long been known for its excellence in chocolates and truffles. At Xintiandi, Godiva is not only a place to buy some Belgian truffles, it is also a classy dessert place offering a full range of chocolate-related products from chocolate fondue to cooling soft serve.

Tel: 5382-0715

Hours: 11am-12am

Average price: ¥85

Andersen’s Ice Cream


It offers chilly treats that are bursting with delicious, mouth-watering flavors such as Belgian

chocolate, rum grapes, green tea, mocha almond, butter cookies and much more.

Tel: 6350-7417

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥28



It is a cute ice cream parlor with its inviting ice cream favors, interesting combinations and eyecatching presentation that appeals to guests of all ages. Customers are able to make their own ice cream combinations so that it is tailored to suit your taste preferences.

Tel: 5386-3665

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥33

Cold Stone Creamery

cold stone-big.jpg

It is an elegant yet young and lively ice cream place that is popular with the younger crowd.

A generous selection of ice cream flavors will certainly satisfy your ice cream craving.

Tel: 3460-5346

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥36

Le Creme Milano

le creme-big.jpg

It is an ice cream boutique shop that offers a variety of choices for customers with creative

tastes and textures. Staff is ready to help you get your ice cream just how you like it.

Tel: 1391-6174-940

Hours: 11am-10pm (Monday-Thursday);

11am-11pm (Friday-Sunday)

Average Price: ¥41



At Blink, you can choose from a variety of beautifully decorated ice creams — each with its own distinct appearance and flavor. Waiters at Blink will always reach out to you with helpful recommendations when you are choosing your ice cream.

Tel: 6315-1231

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥41



At Stickhouse, you can enjoy making your own ice cream! With a little help, you can begin the art of ice cream creation yourself. Stickhouse has an immense selection of delicious flavors, including chocolate and fruity ones, and designs for your icy creations!

Tel: 6422-8706

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥27

Bassetts Express


It offers a variety of desserts, including not only ice cream but also cakes and beverages. You can choose from a wide range of flavors to suit your preferences, or bite into a delicious slice of cake.

Tel: 6237-6863

Hours: 10am-10pm

Average price: ¥36

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