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Addict shares his secrets for a great cuppa coffee
By Shen Pengyuan and Li Jiaohao


MR X is a coffee addict. He admits to once drinking 19 cups in a day — just don’t ask how many trips to the washroom he needed to make.

He doesn’t set an alarm clock as he wakes on his own in order to make java for the whole family every morning. Apart from the coffee, bread, fried dough sticks or pancakes and a glass of fresh fruit juice constitute breakfast in Mr X’s house.

“The flavor of coffee can be determined by the quality of the beans, milk and water,” says Mr X. “Purified and mineral water are the best as they prevent the flavor from being affected by impurities in tap water.

“I choose coffee beans according to the preferences of my family members. In the morning, I usually choose beans with lower acidity, such as Starbucks’ Breakfast beans. At noon, high flavor beans work better and I like Illy Dark Roast and Starbucks Espresso very much. The pleasant coffee flavor fills the room when you grind the beans,” says the coffee addict.

“When it comes to milk, the fat content is important. Milk with a higher fat content makes coffee taste better. I often choose milk with a fat content of 3.2 percent or more. I have tried UBEST, MUH, Devondale, and Le Lait. Devondale milk has the highest fat content, however, I prefer all natural milk, which is why Le Lait is the better choice for me.”


1. Grind coffee beans and extract the espresso with your espresso machine. Grind to fine or extremely fine powders, and don’t forget to preheat your espresso machine and coffee cup with hot water.


2. Put the coffee powder into the filter basket and compact the coffee with a tamper. The coffee should be added according to your flavor preference.


3. Fix the filter basket to the handle, lock them to the espresso machine, and turn on the dosage button. Within seconds, 60ml of espresso will pour into the cup.

4. Add the whole milk into a jug, and the milk should not exceed half volume of the jug. Purge the steam wand of your espresso machine, eliminate the water in the line, and then turn off the steam wand.

5. Position the steam wand just below the surface of the milk, turn on the steam wand and insert it fully into the milk when the steam blows into the milk steadily.


6. Turn off the steam wand 30 seconds later when the temperature of the milk reaches around 65 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for your latte, and the milk bubbles are fine and smooth.

7. Remove the steam wand, get rid of the large bubbles in the milk, and mix the milk and bubbles by swirling the jug properly.

8. Pour your espresso shot into the preheated cup, and add the steamed milk into the espresso. You can handle the milk jug skillfully to make different decorative patterns on the top of the espresso.


9. Serve your latte with cookies and muffins.



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