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Natural spring water from a Norwegian fjord


PURE natural spring water, purified water and natural water are the most popular bottled waters on the market.

Purified water is also known as distilled water. It has been purified by reverse osmosis and other water treatments to remove hazardous substances.

Although purified water looks transparent and tastes slightly sweet, it may harm your health over a long period.

Most bottled water is taken from groundwater and treated by deep filtration and sterilization. The amount of minerals in natural water is not up to national standards.

In contrast, pure natural spring water is healthier. There is a significant difference between pure natural spring water such as Isbre and purified water.

Pure spring water has been naturally purified by filtration through rocks, gravel and sand. Treating tap and purified waters changes the structure of the water molecule.

Therefore, pure spring water is a “living” water that is resistant to bacteriological contamination and rich in oxygen.

Isbre’s total dissolved solids are less than 4 ppm, the lowest TDS ever measured for untreated water.

Isbre water entered the Chinese market in March 2014.

The company sources its water from the Hardanger Fjord in Ulvik, Norway. Its bottling facility is also located at the fjord.




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