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Take a trip through time in Jingxian County

Jingxian County in Anhui Province boasts numerous claims to fame as rice paper was invented here and it was also the scene of a pivotal turning point in modern Chinese history.


China Rice Paper Cultural Park showcaseshow rice paper was originally made and also has ancient stationery and folding fan exhibits.History buffs may want to check out a memorial hall commemorating the martyrs who died in the Wannan Incident,also known as the New Fourth Army Incident.


In January 1941, a Kuomintangarmy surrounded and attacked the Communist's New Fourth Army,which was on the move from Jingxian to Jiangsu Province, leading to heavy casualties. The incident marked the end of cooperation between the two sides in the fight against the Japanese invaders.Only a five-hour drive from Shanghai,the county also boasts ancient villages and some beautiful scenery.Zhaji and Huangtian are among several old villages in Jingxian worth visiting as numerous traditional buildings remain in a good condition.


Taohua Pool, or Peach Blossom Pool, is a scenic spot famous for its beauty that inspired ancient poets.Shanghai Daily photographer Wang Rongjiang captures Jingxian.

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