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Handmade soaps to help you get squeaky clean
By Xu Jiangxiu

Soaps are essential to personal and public health. Through their ability to loosen and remove soil from a surface, they contribute to good personal hygiene and reduce the presence of germs that cause infectious diseases. This week, Shanghai Daily iDEALShanghai recommends some great handmadesoaps, but first some relevant information about soaps.



The name, according to an ancient Roman legend, derives from Mount Sapo, where animals were sacrificed. Rain washed a mixture of melted animal fat, or tallow, and wood ashes down into the clay soil along the Tiber River. Women found this clay mixture made it easier to wash clothes. The ancient Germans and Gauls are also credited with discovering a substance called soap, made of tallow and ashes, that they used to tint their hair red.


The type of fatty acid and length of the carbon chain determine the unique properties of various soaps. Bars of soap are formulated for cleaning the hands, face and body. Depending on other ingredients, they may also moisturize the skin, and kill or inhibit bacteria that can cause odor or disease. Specialty bars include transparent/translucent soaps, medicated soaps, handmade soaps, and others. Liquid soaps are formulated for cleaning the hands or body, and feature skin conditioners. Some contain antimicrobial agents that kill or inhibit bacteria that can cause odor or disease.

Why handmade soap

The soap that most people think of when you say the word “soap,” the stuff you see on store shelves and in restaurant bathrooms is, in fact, pretty much a block of pressed detergent, akin to what you’d use in your washing machine. However, it may lead to dry skin due to a shortage of natural lubrication. But handmade soaps are ideal for the skin.They moisturize, exfoliate and purify with natural ingredients like coconut, rice, olive, tea and other organic oils. They also leave a nice scent.

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