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Island festival offers camping, events
By Jiang Xinhua


LOOKING for a simple holiday with family for the coming National Day? Chongming Island, a scenic and environmentally friendly place, promises visitors a diverse country experience with a music festival, float parade, lantern show, local traditional culture display, luxury trailer campsites and a feast of hairy crab and fruits during the Chongming Forest Tourism Festival.


Kicking off on Monday, the festival runs through the end of October with the theme of “Green Chongming, Ecological Tour.”

In its 16 years, the annual event has become a popular “feast for the public,” as it bills itself, and there are dozens of activities including sports, a folk culture experience, ecological displays, local food and family fun. They all showcase the essence of Chongming.


Campsite for luxury trailers

As Shanghai’s first campsite for luxury trailers, the site near Mingzhu Lake features 30 caravans, all of which were made in the United States and are available to rent during the Tourism Festival. They range from 18 to 22 square meters of interior space, with the largest able to accommodate five people. Equipped with water, electricity, air conditioner, a shower, kitchen, bedroom, Wi-Fi link and television, each trailer gives you the convenience and comfort of home. Each plot also features a small garden area, with room for a barbecue and outdoor sports. Near the lake, you can start a day with the smell of fresh grass and enjoy fishing. A second campsite will open in October in Dongping National Forest Park. This will feature 100 trailers from various US, German and Australian manufacturers.


 Date: September 22-November 30;
             October 1-November 30

Venue: Mingzhu Lake; Dongping National Forest Park


‘World Music Shanghai’

Sing or move with the vibrant music. Dance or wave your body with bare feet on the grass. You can totally relax at the outdoor concert to be held at Dongping National Forest Park. It is a feast with music and sunshine, followed by a starry night with barbecue and beer.

“2014 World Music Shanghai” will be held in October in Shanghai, with one show on Chongming Island. Carrying a “heartbeat of the world” theme, the music festival features seven indoor concerts, two outdoor green concerts and a three-month series charity activities. It’s attracting 14 groups and many famous musicians from all over the world. Such famous musicians as Stephan Micus of Germany, Toni Huata of New Zealand and Liron Man of Spain and bands like Huun Huur Tu of Tuva, and local bands SoundScape and Studio 188 will help you feel the pulse of the world. The Chongming concert will rock with excitement October 18-19.


With a forest coverage of 90 percent, Dongping National Forest Park is an ideal place to sit quietly on the grass and listen to music or watch an open-air movie. The barbecue area, at 10,000 square meters, can accommodate 200 people. Grills can be rented and ingredients can be purchased on the spot. People are urged to supply their own plates, cups and knifes.


Karaoke fans will be pleasantly surprised to find everything has been well prepared, giving them a chance to be the best voice of the forest. After vibrant music and exhausting dancing, you can lie down on the grass to appreciate countless bright stars in the sky, far from urban light pollution. You may find the setting so sublime that you don’t want to leave. Don’t worry. The park provides complete facilities of hot water showers and lockers. Pitch your tent, play some games with friends and sleep to nature’s sounds of chirping and croaking.

Other activities

Chongming’s float parade, part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, will proceed the evening of September 25. Some 20 floats will drive through Chenqiao Town in the hour-long event. You can appreciate the unique designs, light shows and traditional performances from different countries.


The lantern show in Sanmin Culture Village will run through October 7. You can watch more than 40 groups displaying lanterns with different themes including “Eight major scenes on Yingzhou Islet,” “Dragon Age” and “Chongming Intangible Culture Heritage.” The integration of sound and light helps inform people about interesting folk stories and local customs.

The Mingzhu Lake Fish Festival will be held on September 28. Mingzhu Lake, covering nearly four square kilometers, is the largest natural freshwater lake on the island, and it has a rich variety of fish. Visitors can use baskets to fish for hairy crab in designated areas. There is also net fishing. You can wear waterproof clothing, stand in the muddy field and try to hook fish. Local chefs will cook your catch for you. Chongming specialties add spice to the festival. They include sweet corn, potato, lamb, yams and cake. And don’t miss a chance to wash it all down with sugar sorghum juice and Chongming white spirit.


There is no better place in Shanghai to have a recreational riding trip or play some sports than Chongming Island. The Tour of Chongming Island and UCI (International Cycling Union) Women’s Road World Cup has been held for 12 years. You can try the race route or just cycle on the island’s winding roads, enjoying the fresh air and enchanting scenery along the way.

Highlights of the Chongming Forest Tourism Festival

• 2014 Forest Music Barbecue and Camping Festival

Date: September 20, October 1, 3, 5, 11, 18

Tickets: 70 yuan

Venue: Dongping National Forest Park


• Xisha Wetland Culture Festival

Date: September 20-October 30

Venue: Xisha Wetland Park


• Chongming Zaohua (Oven Flowers) Art Festival

Date: September 20-October 25

Venue: Zaohua Museum, Xianghua Town


• “Eight Major Scenery on Yingzhou Islet” art exhibition

Date: September 25-October 31

Venue: Xisha Wetland Park


• Chongming Folk Handmade Works Exhibition

Date: October 4, 11, 18, 25

Venue: Dongping National Forest Park


• Chongming Lantern Show

Date: Through October 7

Venue: Sanmin Culture Village


• 2014 Niupeng Port Cow Body Painting Festival featuring a large-scale outdoor performance

Date: Through October 7

Venue: Niupeng Port, Xinhai Town


• Chongming Orange and Hairy Crab Festival

Date: October 8-31

Venue: Luhua Town, Lugang Village


• Chongming Goat Culture Experience Day

Date: October 28

Venue: Zhongxing Village, Zhongxing Town


• Chongming Guangming Ruihua Fruit Picking Festival

Date: Through October 29

Venue: Ruihua Fruit Garden


• Lavender and Egret Love Festival

Date: Through November 15

Venue: Lavender and Egret Love Park


• Chongming Cycling Tour Festival

Date: Through November 15

Venue: Hengsha Island, Chongming Island


How to get there

By car: Changjiang Tunnel-Bridge Expressway — Chenhai Road — Panlong Road — Beiyan Road — Dongping National Forest Park

Changjiang Tunnel-Bridge Expressway — Chenhai Road — Sanhua Road — Mingzhu Lake Park, Xisha Wetland

By bus: Shenchong No. 3 Line starts from Wenshui Road in Puxi’s Zhabei District. Shenchong No. 6 Line starts from Jufeng Road in Pudong. The terminal station is South Gate Pier.

By ferry: Take Metro Line 3 to Baoyang Road Pier for the ferry — every half hour from 6:30am to 5:30pm.


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