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Sculpture event shows its cunning
By Bob Yang

A HUGE “Urban Fox” is the star attraction at an international sculpture exhibition that got under way yesterday in Jing’an District.

The cunning metal-and-straw creation, which stands 7 meters high and 8 meters wide, is the work of 33-year-old British designer Alex Rinsler and is based on a piece he created for London in 2011.


He said the original was inspired by the rise in the number of foxes moving into urban areas of Britain from their traditional homes in the countryside.

“I hope my artwork can help to promote a harmonious relationship between humans and animals in cities,” Rinsler said.

But most of all, he just wants people to “see it, like it, be happy and smile.”

The fox sits atop a shipping container, which Rinsler said reflects the city’s industrial heritage. The pensive, almost worried look on its face is intended to evoke the feelings of uncertainty and fear Chinese migrant workers must experience on arriving in major cities like Shanghai from their rural homes, he said.

Rinsler’s fox is one of 59 pieces from 11 countries that will be on show at Jing’an Sculpture Park on Beijing Road W. until November 11.

The park is free to enter.

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