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It’s double happiness for bus sightseers
By Tan Weiyun

TWO bus lines linking Songjiang’s most popular attractions have a new double treat for tourists.


Coinciding with the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival, which runs through the middle of October, bus lines 1 and 2 have added double-decker buses to their routes. The upper levels add a bit of bird’s-eye view for passengers visiting Sheshan Hill National Resort and parts of Songjiang New City.

Songjiang is the first Shanghai district to introduce double-decker buses.


Hop on and off

Five of the buses are now operating on weekends, running in two rings across 29 kilometers. The run from 8am to 3:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, with intervals of about 20 minutes.

A 20 yuan (US$3.30) one-day pass allows passengers to hop on and off at any of the district’s tourism sites along the routes. Even those who aren’t touring will find the new routes a convenient and economical way to get around the district.


Line 1, which spans about 18 kilometers, takes 80 minutes to make a circle that starts from the Sheshan Hill Metro Station of Metro Line 9 and connects with seven stops that include Shanghai Happy Valley theme park, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, the Chenshan Botanic Garden, the West Sheshan Hill Park, the East Sheshan Hill Park and the Yuehu Sculpture Park.

Line 2, with 11 kilometers, takes one hour from start to finish.

It commences at the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park and passes Wenhui Road Business Street, Huating Lake Plaza, Thames Town and the East China University of Political Science and Law.

Passengers may buy the tickets at any stop with unlimited get-ons and get-offs. In addition, free tourism information and a book of discount tickets are offered on the buses.

Special celebrations

During the festival, a series of special celebrations will be held in Songjiang. They include the International Magic Festival in Happy Valley, the Stones and Rocks Cultural Festival in Wanchun Garden, arts shows in Thames Town, cultural exhibitions in Zuibai Pond Park and the Shanghai-Taiwan Folk Festival.


On “Double Nines Day,” also known as Senior Citizens Day, which falls on October 2 this year, 1,000 older folks from Shanghai’s 17 districts and county will put on their trainers and climb Sheshan Hill in an annual classic event.

Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden will be featuring an autumn concert and the Golden Sunflower Show during the tourism festival. It’s a great setting for families to enjoy a day out together in the pleasant autumn weather. Next Monday the festival will unveil the winners of the 66 Songjiang Classic Symbols Contest.


Almost 1,200 citizens voted on the Internet for best attractions in the district, including scenic spots, cultural relics, folk arts and local cuisine.

Concurrently, the Songjiang Shopping Festival is in its full swing. Participants offering special sales and discounts include both traditional shops and online shopping sites. They span a wide range of merchandise, including food, fashion, herbal medicines and interior décor. The first Songjiang Wedding Expo will also be held.

This marks the fifth year of the shopping festival, which has proven very popular with consumers and given a boost to Songjiang’s economy.

Last year, five large shopping malls in Songjiang recorded sales of 65 million yuan within Golden Week, which is part of the National Day Holiday. Sales rose 27 percent from a year earlier.

See page 7 for details about major festival attractions in Songjiang.

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