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Strike up the band! It’s festival season
By Tan Weiyun

THE annual Songjiang Tourism and Shopping Festival, a major highlight of the autumn season, is in its full swing with something to delight every interest.


It’s part of the Shanghai International Tourism Festival, which will run through the Golden Week of the National Day Holiday that begins October 1.

The theme of the festival this year is “Roots of Shanghai.” In keeping with that theme, the district will be highlighting its cultural relics and scenic spots. Discounts and special events will be held at the Happy Valley theme park, Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park, Thames Town, Fangta Park, Zuibai Pond Park and Wanchun Garden.

Here’s are a few highlights not to be missed.



The International Magic Festival

Some of the world’s top magicians will be on hand to wow audiences with their most thrilling feats of magic at the Happy Valley theme park. Performers include the “world’s greatest escape artist” Dean Gunnarson from Canada, British magician Geno and Chinese champion magician Guo Xunjie.


In addition, aerobics, stunt shows and comedies will be performed every morning in the park during the National Holiday week.

Date: Through October 7

Address: Happey Valley theme park, 888 Linhu Rd, Sheshan Hill Town

Tel: 3355-2222

Admission: 200 yuan (US$33)

How to get there: take G60 Highway. Get off at Songjiang Exit. Drive north along the Jiasong Road, then go west about two kilometers on Linyinxin Road.

There is a free shuttle bus service to the park from Sheshan Hill Station on Metro Line 9.


Stones and Rocks Cultural Festival

Wanchun Garden in Sijing Town will display an amazing collection of rock and stones in shapes that are grotesque, curious, amusing and likely to stir your imagination.


The exhibition will feature displays of both naturally formed and intricately carved stones and rocks collected from across China and 10 countries. In addition, a stone and rock auction will be held.

Date: September 28-October 9

Address: Wanchun Garden, 1110 Xinzhuan Rd, Sijing Town


Arts Shows

Thames Town will be turned to be an art stage this October, with the modern exhibition entitled “Go Forward, Look Back.” It will feature the works of native Songjiang artists.

From October 15- 30, there will be a Chinese calligraphy and photography show. On October 18, there will be a cultural forum celebrating the famous painter Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010), exhibiting his special attachment to China’s water towns.

Date: October 15-30

Address: Thames Town, 900 Sanxin Rd N., Songjiang New City


Autumn Cultural Festival

Zuibai Pond Garden, one of Shanghai’s five classic gardens, will hold an art festival from October through November 15.

It will include a photography exhibition depicting the park’s history, a Chinese painting exhibition by young artists, bonsai shows, calligraphy salons, local opera contests, a chrysanthemum festival, and exhibitions of Chinese teapots and porcelain.

Date: October 1-November 15

Address: Zuibai Pond Garden, 64 Renmin S.


Shanghai-Taiwan Cultural Exchanges

Fangta Park will host a series of activities focusing on Shanghai-Taiwan Mazu cultures, including a Mazu worship ceremony, opera performances from both cities, a Taiwan folk art festival and a Taiwan food gala.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a tree root-carving exhibition and a show on tree leaf painting in the park.

Date: October 1-10

Address: Fangta Park, 235 Zhongshan Rd E., Songjiang Town

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164