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Simple tips to make moving house go smoothly
By Pan Zheng

Few people enjoy moving house. It takes a long time and often leaves people feeling unsettled as their belongings are split in different places or packed up in boxes for a long time. And then there’s the physical exhaustion from lifting heavy items, packing and unpacking, as well as cleaning the new home.

Shanghai Daily provides some tips on how to make the process smoother.



With a little luck, you will have some overlap with your old and new apartments, allowing time to move gradually. Start by packing unnecessary things like books and DVDs first.Write down the room you want the box to go in and indicate which boxes contain fragile items. Another handy idea is to make a backup of your hard drive so that you don’t lose any important data if your computer is damaged during the move.

Pack valuables in a safe place and keep them with you on moving day or get a safety deposit box at a bank for items like expensive jewelry.Before moving out of the old apartment,record the electricity, water and gas meter readings. And don’t forget to change your mailing address.

Moving day

Before the movers arrive, cover the floors in both the old and new apartments to protect the wood from scratches and gouges.Make sure your refrigerator has been emptied and cleaned before moving.

Also remember that jewelry, marketable securities, currency, antiques,glass products and computer data are not covered by insurance.

Record the contract number, the driver’s name and the truck’s plate number before you sign the contract with the movers. Tell them which furniture and boxes are fragile. When you reach your new apartment, ask the movers to put all the heavy objects where you want them so you don’t have to do it later.

Before you pay, check to see whether anything is damaged or missing.Remember to keep a receipt.

Home sweet home

With the most difficult part over, you can now clean your new apartment, if you haven’t already, and start unpacking.Visit the complex’s management office if you need any key cards to enter the compound or building.

If any damage or accident occurred during the move, you have the right to seek compensation from the moving company. You can file a complaint with the consumer’s association or local authorities if any dispute occurs with the moving company.

The following moving companies are among the biggest in the city.

Good luck.

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