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Rules for foreigners importing vehicles into China


1. Requirements for foreigners to import vehicles

“Measures of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China for Supervision of the Entry and Exit of Articles for Personal Use of Long-term Non-resident Travelers (2010 Amendment)” has an article saying that long-term non-resident travelers should only take reasonable articles for personal use. Resident staff members among the long-term non-resident travelers can bring automobiles into Chinese territory, one for each person. Other long-term non-resident travelers are not allowed to bring automobiles with them when entering Chinese territory.

A long-term non-resident traveler refers to overseas resident in China who is allowed to enter Chinese territory by public security authorities and will stay in Chinese territory for at least one year or more than one year and after the staying period they will return to overseas territories. A resident staff member refers to a long-term non-resident traveler under the following situations: the workers at resident offices in China of foreign companies, press, economic and trade institutions, culture groups or other overseas legal persons, which are approved by Chinese authorities to set up resident offices and have been registered at China’s Customs; workers at foreign invested companies which registered at China’s Customs; foreign experts engaged in long term work in Chinese territory.

2. Tax for foreigners’ automobile imported for personal use

A) Tariff

The tariff for automobiles is 25 percent. It will be taxed on a sum including the price of the automobile, package charge, transport fee, insurance fee and other costs.

B) Consumer tax

The consumer tax depends on the engine displacement.

C) Value added tax

The value added tax for the automobile is 17 percent.

D) Vehicle purchase tax

Chinese government requires vehicle purchase tax for vehicle purchases and the tax rate is 10 percent. Diplomats, consular personnel, delegates of international organization’s office in China are exempted from vehicle purchase tax. Vehicle purchase tax is also exempted for foreign experts working for long term in China.

3. Paperwork for importing the automobiles

A) Passport, employment permit and residence permit, which is valid for more than one year.

B) The legal person employing the resident staff member should provide seal stamp, a photocopy of business license and the registration certificate for custom clearance.

C) The detailed data of the automobile to be imported, which includes the brand, type, vehicle identification number, engine number, production date, mileage of the vehicle, vehicle purchase documents or evaluation document and export declaration form from the resident staff member’s homeland.

4. Procedures to import the vehicle

A) The owner should do shipment formalities in the name of the owner of the cargo to issue shipping order to a shipment company.

B) After the imported vehicle arriving Shanghai Port, the owner should complete the delivery transport order.

C) After collecting all the paperwork, the vehicle owner should take the relevant materials to the customs office accompanied by agency employers to apply for permit of the import.

D) After five working days, the customs will approve the import and the agency employers will do a series of procedures such as customs clearance, testing and inspection for the owner. The owner then should pay the tariff, which has been decided by the customs after the series of procedures.

E) The agency workers will file applications to make the vehicle be let go and arrange the owner to pick up the vehicle.

F) The owner will go to the port area to pick up the vehicle and the owner should take the vehicle to its designated repair station or professional repair factory to do the monotype of its vehicle identification number and engine number. The owner should also double check the declaration information.

G) The owner should drive the vehicle to Section Two of Shanghai Customs to obtain the proof for a Chinese car plate.

H) The owner should also obtain a commodity inspection form at Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau.

I) The owner should also buy insurance for the vehicle.

J) The owner should apply for plate auction process and pay imported vehicle purchase tax.

K) The owner should drive to the city’s vehicle administration office to do the imported vehicle prototype production business.

L) After five working days, the owner should drive to the vehicle administration office to register a car plate for the vehicle

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