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Scouring the city for some sublime bakeries
By Alina Li

Straight out of the oven, the soft smell of freshly baked bread is heartwarming and fulfilling, inevitably making your mouth water especially in a cold, chilling winter morning.

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Tired of buying the same kind of toast and supermarket loaf for breakfast? Mass produced bread has consistent quality, but also can be boring.

Artisan bread, on the other hand, is made with simple but fine ingredients without preservatives and becoming more popular in recent years. Though the each loaf tends to cost more, and cannot last long, many people love them for the natural taste.

Here’s a guide for trying some bakeries that craft artisan bread in Shanghai.


This chic little French bakery sitting on Wukang Road is one of the most popular in Shanghai, even on a weekday the cozy store is crowded with customers buying artisan bread and desserts.

The name Farine is the French word for flour, and the bakery crafts bread, cake, tarts as well as some bite-size sweet treats with fine ingredients.

Many fans of the bakery claim that their baguette and croissant is the best in town.

Farine’s menu also includes gluten free orange cake and a selection of sandwiches in great quality.

The store also serves fresh roasted coffee, espresso and tea, a good place to enjoy a coffee break or weekend brunch.

Recommend: baguette, rustic bread, butter croissant, lemon tart and raspberry tart

Average per person: 60 yuan

Address: 378 Wukang Rd.

Hours: 7 am-8pm.



A Japanese bakery with French origin, the first Johan Paris was opened in Ginza Mitsukoshi in 1983.

This is one of the most interesting bakeries you can find in Shanghai. All breads are handmade and baked daily with fresh ingredients. The baguette here is relatively lighter and fluffier.

Johan has a special baguette called Mentaiko baguette, as the bread has two layers of marinated roe of pollock. The flavor is very strong, and if you are fan of Mentaiko, this one is worth trying.

The bakery also have special seasonal bread on shelf for a short period of time that experiments with different ingredients, like once there was a bun stuffed with sautéed potato, enoki mushroom and smoked duck, or bread layered with broccoli and smoked salmon.

You can find bite-sized cheesecakes, pineapple buns and chocolate croissants that sell by weigh.


Recommend: chocolate sauce swirl bun, Gugelhupf, corn pan, sea salt crispy crust roll, red bean bun, garlic baguette

Average per person: 25 yuan

Address: B1 West Gate Mall, 1038 West Nanjing Rd.

Hours: 10am-10pm.

Brioche Doree


This neighborhood bakery now has two store fronts that offer good quality homemade loaves, baguettes, croissants and brioches, it’s also known for the quiches.

The French style café bakery has a good vibe. Originated in Brest, France in 1976 when Louis Le Duff opened the first Brioche Doree, now it’s the second largest coffee bakery chain in the world with more than 80 shops.

Brioche Doree also serves sandwiches, pizzas, healthy salads and coffee.


Recommend: baguettes, brioche chocolate and brioche red bean

Average per person: 50 yuan

Address: 7 Donghu Rd. & 98 Yanping Rd.

Hours: 7:30am-9pm.

Jen Dow


This vegetarian bakery behind Jing’an Temple is part of the Jen Dow Vegetarian restaurant from Taiwan, all the bread has a tag marking if it contains egg, milk or vegan.

The bread is made with all-natural ingredients, the yeast is also natural.

The most popular item is purple bread, made with purple rice, walnuts and grape.


Recommend: purple bread, toon porrett (made with toona sauce, cheese and mushroom), purple sweet potato bread, brandied grape walnut, French fruit bread

Average per person: 20 yuan

Address: 151 Yuyuan Rd

Hours: 11am-9pm.

Top Pot Bakery

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Also from Taiwan, Top Pot Bakery is similar to Jen Dow that bakes bread in fusion style, but not vegetarian.


Recommend: Chinese wolfberry bread, Okinawa brown sugar bread, French chestnut bread, chocolate bun

Average per person: 30 yuan

Address: B2 Réel mall, 1601 West Nanjing Rd. & 353 Middle Fujian Rd

Hours: 10am-10pm.

Bread Society

This store in IAPM Mall has a wide selection of bread and desserts, some are interesting and quite innovative.

The signature is a chocolate chestnut loaf, made with chocolate dough with chocolate chip and chestnut bites, sweet but not greasy.

Wild about mushroom is a flatbread topped with mushroom and drizzled with homemade cream sauce, an unconventional creation worth trying.

Earl grey lychee is a chewy bun made with real lychee fruit, fresh and not so sweet.

Recommend: chocolate chestnut loaf, spinach cheese roll, onion cheese bread, chocolate bagel

Average per person: 30 yuan

Address: 228-229, LG2, IAPM Mall, 999 Middle Huaihai Rd.

Hours: 10am-11pm.

Panificio Roma


This small Italian bakery with the Colosseum as the logo crafts artisan bread and pastries.

It also offers sandwiches and coffee, but makes no cakes.


Recommend: chocolate croissant, ciabatta

Average per person: 20 yuan

Address: 620 Huangjincheng Rd.

Hours: 7:30am-9:30pm.

La Brioche

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A popular destination for afternoon tea, La Brioche also sells fresh bread in addition to the cake menu.

Neatly lined up on the counter, the bread selection features baguettes, loaves and dinner rolls.

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Recommend: artisan French bread, olive ciabatta, almond croissant with cream

Average per person: 40 yuan if you are buying bread, 92 for afternoon tea set

Address: 102, No.35 Sinan Mansions, 523 Middle Fuxing Rd.

Hours: 11am-10pm.

Green & Safe


This organic restaurant has large space that also includes a market of organic farm products as well as a selection of artisan bread.

green safe.jpg

Recommend: French country bread, raisin bread and whole wheat rye with sunflower seeds

Average per person: 30 if you are buying bread, 92 for meal

Address: 6 Dongping Rd. & 403 Takashimaya Shanghai, 1438 Hongqiao Rd

Hours: 10am-9:30pm.

Baker & Spice

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An artisanal bakery café chain based in Shanghai, Baker & Spice sells healthy bread of various kinds, from sourdoughs to Danish rye breads.The café also has a coffee and meal menu as well as homemade desserts.

Recommend: 7 grain seed toast, bagels, Turkish pride, Danish poppy seed

Average per person: 50 yuan

Address: 1376 Nanjing Rd W.

Opening hours: 7am-10:30pm

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164