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Freezing temperatures and gales to herald winter’s arrival in city
By Yang Jian

WINTER will arrive in Shanghai with a vengeance this week, with a cold front bringing gales and freezing temperatures, forecasters said yesterday.


The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau issued a blue alert — the lowest of a four-level warning system — at 5pm as one of the strongest cold fronts of the year approached.

It will carry gales from the northwest and temperatures will drop dramatically in the coming days, the bureau said.

Its arrival is set to officially take the city into winter, it added.

While yesterday the high reached 17 degrees, today the mercury is unlikely to pass 10 degrees and the low may dip below 5 degrees.

And as the cold front dominates the city’s weather tomorrow, there will be gales and freezing temperatures.


In downtown, temperatures will be about 3 degrees, while in outlying suburban areas there will be frost as the mercury falls to zero.

Temperatures are set to struggle to reach 2 degrees across the city between Wednesday and Sunday, marking the coming of winter.

Winter officially arrives when the high temperature remains below 5 degrees for five consecutive days. The first day of the sequence is the first day of winter.


The bureau advised residents with respiratory and heart disease in particular to ensure that they are well wrapped up before venturing out.

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