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Skin needs extra care to ward off bad winter air
By He Liyao

WINTER is here, and now that the wind has been howling down our Shanghai streets, we must take extra care of our skin. Icy cold wind strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving skin unprotected and causing increased water loss, leading to red and raw skin, which can further lead to fine lines. To have glowing and youthful skin even in the dead of winter, a great way to combat those effects is to boost the skin with adequate nutrition and replenish water. Here are things you need to do for better skin.


One major beauty tip for everyday skin care is to make sure to wash and moisturize your face. Don’t be lazy in winter with daily skin care, which is vital to beautiful skin. There is no great secret to having good-looking skin, but you will find it quite difficult to achieve unless you stick to a daily skin care regime.

Our skin is constantly exposed to free radicals and pollutants like smoke and dust. Pores become clogged by make-up and dirt, and wind makes skin dehydrate.

Winter skin care tips

• Cleanse

A daily skin care regimen in winter should always include the first gentle cleansing step. Don’t choose a harsh facial cleanser but a mild one. Apply it with cotton pads and move the pads in a circular motion until the entire face is cleansed.

A good cleaning will remove all the make-up, pollutants and dirt that end up on your face. A professional facial cleansing treatment at a beauty salon once a week is recommended in case you are not an expert at it. The chained beauty club such as Dragonfly in Shanghai offers customized basic cleaning treatment based on different skin types.

• Exfoliate

More dead surface skin cells in winter give your skin a dull look. Exfoliation will keep these dead cells to a minimum. It’s best to exfoliate two to three times a week. Don’t forget to revitalize and deeply hydrate the dry skin in winter after exfoliation. Special therapy focusing on stimulating circulation and cellular activity is recommended after you completely remove the dead uppermost layer of your skin. Use a facial mask with adequate nutrition.

• Tone

A good toner is essential to refine pores and tone the skin. Toner should be used each day after cleansing. You should also use a toner after removing a mask. As an added benefit, your toner will help remove any stray makeup or dirt that may have been missed by the cleanser.

 • Moisturize

Moisturizers help keep your skin cells hydrated when the icy wind strips away skin moisture. Always boost your skin by drinking plenty of water in winter to make your skin appear softer and more youthful. Be sure to moisturize after every cleansing, both in the morning and before bed at night. Oily skinned people are wrong to think that they don’t need a moisturizer. Skin gets oily partly because it’s lacking moisture and is trying to compensate. Using an oil-free moisturizer that is water-based will help control the oil. Shanghai Women Facial Cream is highly recommended.

• Relax

Warding off the winter chill by massage is a great way to relax your whole body. Body skin also needs extra care in winter. Different from facial skin, it is always neglected. Take an aroma oil massage, body scrub or other focusing massage.

• Protect

Your skin needs daily protection from the sun, even in winter. A good foundation with an SPF factor of at least 15 will help provide a barrier between your face and the world and help protect it from damage.

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