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Winners depict myriad faces of Jinshan
By Wing Tan

金色滩涂(高国良 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).JPG

THE 5-month “This Is Jinshan” competiton of photos, short films and writing has ended. Initiated by the Jinshan District Government, the contest received 188 articles, 2,689 photos and 42 short videos that capture the beauty of the southwestern district located by the Hangzhou Bay.

The photo package “Jinshan Within 12 Hours,” taken by Jinshan native Jiang Zhijuan, 25, a civil servant, won first prize. It displays the district’s varied scenery in different places and at different times of day — sunrise by the sea, the morning bell in Donglin Temple, the crowded sandy beach in the afternoon and the Jinshan New City soaked in the twilight.

“Jinshan is an ancient district in terms of its history, but it’s also emerging and modern,” Jiang says. “I originally planned to photograph 24 hours, but Chinese prefer 12 hours according to the lunar calendar.”

The best short film winner, “Shanghai’s Last Fishing Village,” unveils the historical twists and turns of the Jinshanzui Fishing Village by the sea.

The winning article, “One-Hour Dream,” reflects on the district’s evolution of different transport vehicles — bicycle, three-wheeler, electric-powered bike and car and then back to bike.

金山嘴·渔舟唱晚1(单欣慧 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).jpg

Fishing boats are docked at dusk by sea at the Jinshanzui Fishing village—Shan Xinhui

合并版:金山十二时辰之美(蒋智隽 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).png

The photo package "Jinshan Within 12 Hours" taken by Jinshan native Jiang Zhijuan ,wins the first price.

波兰倒置屋(陈黎洁 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).jpg

The upside-down wooden house in Fengjing Ancient Town ,a new tourist attraction.—Chen Lijie

流光溢彩东林寺(马克勤 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).jpg

The time honored Donglin Temple at night.—Ma Keqin

白龙出巢:金山铁路(周志伟 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).jpg

Jinshan Railway , a commuter rail line running within Shanghai.—Zhou Zhiwei

枫泾船夫(秦飞 摄)(版权 金山区新闻办).JPG

An old boatman waits for business in Fengjing Ancient Town.—Qin Fei

44庄毅【大地之作 巨龙舞梦】_2345看图王.jpg

"Dragon" a huge colored rice paddy work by Lu Yongzhong ,founder of Jinshan Peasant Painting , is China's largest of its kind.—Zhuang Yi

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