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Mouse gets rise out of baker
By Hu Min

BAKERY chain BreadTalk said it has destroyed all stock that was on display at one outlet after a mouse was photographed tucking into a tray of snacks.


On Saturday, a picture was posted online of the rodent helping itself to savory bread at the Changshou Road Metro station outlet in Putuo District.

Staff at the branch of the Singapore-based chain did not at first notice the interloper among their display stands of baked goodies, said the web user who posted the picture.

Only when they saw a crowd of shocked customers gathered, did BreadTalk staff investigate, according to the web user.

When the compartment door was opened, the mouse leapt out and scurried off.

BreadTalk Shanghai yesterday apologized to customers and said that it has since improved hygiene management at the shop and is investigating how the incident occurred.

All stock on sale on Saturday at the outlet has been destroyed, said a Breadtalk spokeswoman surnamed Luo.

The premises was disinfected and a pest control team brought in to conduct an inspection to ensure this does not recur, she added.

Breadtalk said it has also talked with the shop’s property management company about prevention measures.

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