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1,600 seized relics going to museum
By Chen Huizhi

CITY Customs yesterday handed over more than 1,600 confiscated cultural artifacts to the Shanghai Cultural Relics Bureau.

These relics included ancient coins, books and ceramics, among others. Some date back thousands of years and all will be given to the Shanghai History Museum.

Two delicately carved stone blocks from the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) were among the pieces confiscated by Customs. They are though to have very high artistic and historic value, said officials.

The relics had been confiscated by Customs over several years. In some cases, tourists going through Customs were found to have slipped relics into their belongings. In others, the relics were found in international mailing packages.

Customs officials said they have dealt with more than 30 smuggling cases involving high value relics over the past decade.

Around 1,000 relics were confiscated in those cases.

City Customs said it will work with the Shanghai Cultural Relics Bureau on a regular base to better protect confiscated relics.


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