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Wet and warm is the order of the day
By Ke Jiayun

INTERMITTENT rain is on the cards for today and tomorrow, the local weather bureau said yesterday.


Despite the gloomy skies, today will be warmer due to a bank of low pressure, which could push the temperature as high as 13 degrees Celsius, it said.

Tomorrow will remain damp, while the mercury will fluctuate between 7 and 10 degrees.

After a couple of warm days, a new cold front is forecast to roll in on Friday, pushing the low temperature down to 4 degrees and ensuring the high doesn’t move beyond 8 degrees.

Saturday will see some sunshine, though it will be a colder day overall, with a low of 2 degrees and a high of 7.

On Sunday, the high will bounce back to 11 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds.

Shanghai citizens were treated to a meteorological phenomenon known as a “wall cloud” yesterday morning. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the dense black cloud was due to northeasterly winds meeting a cloud system that had formed out at sea.

Yesterday’s air quality index remained under 50 for most of the day, deeming it “perfect” by official standards.

The concentration of PM2.5 particles in the air was mostly under 25 micrograms per cubic meter, the safe level set by World Health Organization.

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