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Nominate top expats at Shanghai Daily website
By Li Qian

SHANGHAI Daily readers are being asked to nominate and vote for expats who they consider to be among the most influential people in the city’s international community.

This is to find the winners of the 2014 Shanghai International Excellence Award, part of news awards from Shanghai Daily and the International Channel Shanghai.

To vote, scan the QR code below or visit www.shanghaidaily.com/topnews2014/vote.html and click on the Start Voting button in the 2014 Shanghai International Excellence Award section.


This links to a gallery of nominees. To add one, click on the plus sign at the top, give your full name, upload a photograph and in the box below say who you’ve nominated and why.

And to vote for your top expat of 2014, click on the star icon above pictures already uploaded.

Nominees so far include image ambassadors, community organizers, charity stars and opinion leaders.

Readers can also choose the top 10 news stories from a list of 20, including Shanghai Husi’s tainted-meat scandal and the introduction of the “strictest” air pollution law.

They can also scan the QR code on the left to make their picks.

Voting closes on January 16, with the results announced two days later.

Some members of the public whose selections match the final results will be invited to the awards ceremony.

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