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Amazing moments from another busy year
By Wang Rongjiang

News photos are an imagery reflection of the trend and hot topics of the time. The sight of a grieved mother crying for her lost child or a father’s sorrow when knowing his son is guilty of a crime worthy of capital punishments are powerful and touching and can spread the feelings of these parents to the viewers.

Photos of sports fans can reflect both sadness and joy.

News photos also have to be interesting and contrasting. Volunteers and the huge eyes behind them, the giant rubber duck with the small rubber duck in front, shuttle bus and horse carriage, Buddhist using a mobile phone, they  present interesting contrasts with meanings within.

News photos cannot be simple gathering of pictures or just the showing of ceremonies and performances, but should have a meaningful thinking behind each photo taken. To remain peaceful hearted in the frivolous world and to reflect the large society through a tiny detail are all difficulties of taking a good news photo.

According to the requirements described above, this year’s photos were reorganized, with only a few left satisfying the lowest expectations. Yet these picked photos are not 100 percent satisfying, and this distance towards total satisfaction is the direction to pour in more effort. To a photographer, the true motivation flows from the tireless aspiration, understanding and skill of taking news photos.

Sadness and joy

fans cheering for Argentina celebrate next to supporters of the losing Dutch team on July 10 in  a bar on Hengshan Road. Argentina beat Holland 4:2 on penalties to advanced to the FIFA World Cup final.6、悲喜两重天.jpg

The financial market

The Fiscal 2014 Shanghai Expo is filled with people on November 1. As the largest financial expo in  years, financial institutions try everything they can to attract as many investors as possible.


Snatching a little leisure time

in a temple in Lhasa, a young monk uses a mobile phone on September 29.


The eyes of the city

Volunteers patrol at Shanghai center on May 22. During the CICA Summit,300,000 volunteers patrolled streets to ensure the summit went ahead peacefully.


Giant duck makes a splash

the popular Giant Duck comes to Cenury Park in the Pudong New Area on October 25. More than 70,000 people came to see the duck with park officials saying attendance was five to six times higher than normal.


City bus

A bus drives past a mobile vehicle advert on April 18, creating an interesting scene.


The mother who lost her child

At the february 8 funeral for firemen Lu Chen and Sun Luoluo, who lost their lives while putting out a blaze, Sun's mother Jin Qingling bursts into tears as she holds two of her son's colleagues.


The sorrowful father

Lin Senhao's father Lin Zunyao steps out of a courtroom on February 18 as the "Fudan poisoning" case reaches a conclusion. Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People's Court sentenced Lin Senhao to death.


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