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Puckering up for an illuminating experience
By He Liyao

SHANGHAI Daily invited 30 couples to light up the “Kissmas” tree at Xintiandi last Friday simply by puckering up.

The 4.6-meter tree is said to be as the world’s first interactive Christmas tree in which a loving kiss causes 50,000 LED lights to illuminate.

Encouraging everyone to kiss their beloved and (quite literally) light up the season and experience the magic of Christmas under the “Kissmas tree” has brought crowds of couples queuing at the shopping and entertainment complex for a chance to express their love on stage.


For Japanese exchange student Shunichi Noro and his Chinese boyfriend Fan Zijie, this was their first public display of affection as they stepped onto the “kissing stage” and brightened up the whole plaza.

“It is not as difficult as I thought it would be,” Noro said afterward, happy to have gone through with the kiss as the couple has hesitated in front of the stage beforehand.

“We don’t have to hide from others,” he added.

“I was very nervous and trying to escape from the camera instinctively,” the Japanese student admitted. “But finally we made it!

“There’s a sweet feeling in my heart now. I’m glad we did this, otherwise it would have been a huge regret not to have such a wonderful Christmas memory.

“We’re proud to loudly proclaim to the whole world that we are each other’s true love, and that love can exist regardless of nationality, race and sex,” added Noro.

Also nervous beforehand was American-born Chinese Yi Ci who planned a secret marriage proposal to his girlfriend Lucia Sheng.

When Yi got down on one knee, produced an engagement ring and proposed, Sheng burst into tears and nodded yes.

“I didn’t know anything about this before,” Sheng said afterward, as tears streamed down her face.

After she accepted Yi’s proposal, the couple kissed beneath the Kissmas tree and balloons with the message “marry me” were released at the moment their kiss lit up all of Xintiandi.

Holding Sheng tight, Yi explained why he chose to propose beneath the Xintiandi tree.

“Lucia has loved this fantastic tree since its debut last year, and that’s why I decided to ask her to marry me here.”

An iDEALShanghai photographer on site snapped pictures of kissing couples who can visit http://special.idealshanghai.com/kissmas2014 to see and download their pictures for free.


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