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New station gives Metro Line 16 commuters access to maglev
By Ma Yue

METRO Line 16 will open two new stations on Sunday that will extend the line’s north-end terminal from Luoshan Road to Longyang Road.

The two new stations are Huaxia Road M. and Longyang Road.

Commuters can interchange for lines 2 and 7 on Longyang Road Station and will have access to maglev that connects to Pudong International Airport. A two-way passage at the No. 4 exit of the existing Longyang Road Station will allow Line 2 and 7 commuters to reach Line 16.


In the event of the passage being clogged by people or other emergencies, Line 2 and 7 commuters will be allowed to leave the station and can access Line 16 from Baiyang Road. Line 16 commuters will have to walk 200 meters on Longhui Road to reach Line 2, and another 300 meters for Line 7.

Transportation card users will not be charged twice for leaving the stations for the transfer, while ticket holders will have to pick up “urgent transfer proof” from Metro staff before leaving the station.

The first train from Longyang Road Station will depart at 6am and the last at 10pm with intervals of eight minutes during rush hours and 12 to 18 minutes on other times.

There are fears, however, that the three-carriage Line 16 trains may not be able to handle the extra crowd with the opening of the new stations but the Metro operator, Shanghai Shentong Group, said it will monitor the commuter traffic on the first few days and then act over it and work out a solution.

Shentong, however, did not say if more carriages will be added to Line 16 trains.

The Shanghai Transport Commission has also adjusted bus routes that go past the two new stations.

Some routes will add one or two bus stops or extend their operation hour to serve for the late Metro commuters.

Longyang Road will become the city’s second interchange station for four subway lines (including maglev) after Century Avenue Station which connects lines 2, 4, 6 and 9.

More Metro police forces will be added to the station.

Metro Line 13 will also add three new stations on Sunday. The new stations are Longde Road, Wuding Road and Changshou Road.

Commuters can transfer to Line 11 at Longde Road and to Line 7 at Changshou Road. The first train will leave Changshou Road at 6:12am and the last at 10:30pm.

After the new stations become operational on Sunday, the total number of subway stations on Shanghai’s vast subway network will rise to 337, including the two maglev stations.

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